Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Use Us?
    Yes Let's is an online interactive platform designed for Australians and supported by a local team. Unlike most social media platforms today which facilitate superficial friendships and discussions, Yes Let's is designed to help people find compatible activity and travel friends with whom they can build meaningful, deep connection friendships with. Research proves that people tend to bond with people similar to themselves. Further, engaging in mutual interest activities and travel cultivates friendships to the next level. Yes Let's provides detailed search fields with attributes proven to improve friendship matches to help members find their ideal friends. Yes Let's also provides other avenues to reach out to new friends such as social events that members can attend and group discussion forums.
  • How to fill in an extended profile (personaility, values, travel and activity preferences)?
    Go to "Profile" menu then scroll down and click "Edit". Choose the "Personality and Values", Travel Partner and "Activity Friends" tabs to fill out extended profile fields.
  • Why is there no Yes Let's mobile app?
    Mobile apps with photo swipe functionalities work well for dating services where external appearances are the key focus. As Yes Let's is a genuine friend and travel partner finding service provider, we wish to discourage choosing or eliminating a person based predominantly on their photo. We wish to empower our members to focus more clearly on their friend search and when completing their profile giving serious thought to inner qualities such as values, interests, goals and personal attributes. We would prefer this be completed in front of a PC or laptop instead of a mobile device as research has found that people mostly use mobiles whilst multi tasking (watching TV, on public transport, in a waiting room) and therefore tend to be distracted. We believe quality friendships deserve quality time and investment.
  • Is Yes Let's another online dating website?
    Absolutely not. Our purpose is to help Australians find activity friends and travel partners. Around half of our members are happily married or in a stable relationship and only seeking platonic friendships. As we mature opportunities to find new friendships become increasingly rare. Yes Let's provides another avenue for Australians to achieve a more balanced life through quality social activity and friendships. Although Yes Let's is not an online dating site, it can also be used as an avenue for those seeking something more. Approximately half of our members are single, separated, divorced or widowed. Studies show that experiencing activities together often triggers romantic affections and deep bonds that develop into life-long partners.
  • Membership Fees
    We charge membership fees to cover our basic costs of running the website platform and to help filter out non-genuine people. This is largely evident in the online dating world where free websites, compared to their paid counterparts, tend to attract a plethora of scammers, people seeking casual or paid interactions, and fake profiles. Of course merely adding a membership fee does not guard against non-genuine profiles but it adds an extra hurdle.
  • Who can organise and attend events?
    Any of our members can organise a social event (dinner, drinks, day trip, bowling event, party etc) and advertise it on our website to our members. There is a small administrative charge involved starting from $25 upwards depending on the event and advertisement complexity. Please contact our events co-ordinator on our contact us page for more details. You are welcome to determine the nature of your event eg age group, interests and other group attributes
  • How to change my privacy settings?
    To change your privacy settings please go to "Profile" menu then "Settings" then scroll down the page and you will see "Profile Visibility". You can change who can see which fields of your profile. The basic info such as name, age, occupation must stay visible to members.
  • Are membership fees refundable?
    Membership fees are not refundable should you choose to terminate your membership early. It is also not refundable if we cancel your membership due to any reason. Our terms and conditions state that we reserve the right to, without limitation, terminate your membership for any reason without providing refund.
  • How to remove automatic membership renewal?
    Go to "Profile" Menu then "Memberships" then "Membership Billings" to turn off automatic renewals.

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